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Recruiting Info
Death Watch Battalion is currently not recruiting.
Welcome to the Death Watch Battalion Website!

Welcome to the kyr'tsad akaatase website, or, as the guild is known as in basic, Death Watch Battalion.

Death watch Battalion is a guild on the server Bria. In the Death Watch Battalion we focus on allowing players to do what they do, without having to worry about any constraints that their respective faction would place on them. DWB is a guild for any faction, originally founded by Kyr'tsad Ori'ramikade as a bounty hunter guild so that our guild wouldn't be banned from the Axis buffhouse for same faction hunting. We have since decided to take this thing into a full blown guild of bounty hunters, and mando enthusiasts!

DWB is led by Kyr'tsad Ori'ramikade, and Je'karta Venizen, both of whom enjoy the Mandalorian culture of the star wars universe. In DWB we plan on encompassing all aspects of the game into the guild. From going on heroic instance runs, to raiding battlefields or restuss, to going up in gunships to demolish any who oppose us.

In DWB you can join Je'karta and Kyr'tsad on their way to learn the nuances of the Mandalorian Language, while they may or may not have a head start on you, you will be helped along the entire way.

If you wish to join the Kyr'tsad Akaata (Death Watch Battalion) apply for membership here and send in your application to eithier Kyr'tsad or Je'karta in game!
Guild War Chant

Taken from the Ka'rta Tor, an ancient Mandalorian War Chant, translated and modified to apply to guild, Kyr'tsad Akaatase replaced jetiise and took out a small portion of the chant in front of One Heart of Justice and removed glory

Kyr'tsad Akaata Ka'rta Tor

Kandosii sa kyr'am ast,
Troan teroch Kyr'tsad Akaatase a'den,
Duraan vi at ara'nov.
Ka'rta tor.

Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode An!

Death Watch Battalion One Heart of Justice

As ruthless as death itself,
The pitiless face of the Death Watch battalion's wrath,
Let us look down on all who are before us.
One heart of justice.

Forged like the sabers in the fires of death, Brothers All!

Want to learn Mando'a? Here are some tools that can help!
By Je'karta, Mar 1, 10 12:21 PM

        As the title says, this whole little bit of news is to help any of you Mando enthusiasts out there who wish to learn the language for yourself, below is a breif description of each website and then the hyperlink to the website. ... Read More

Web Site Under Construction
By Je'karta, Feb 25, 10 5:56 PM

The website is up and running, however it is currently under construction. Will send out an email when it is all the way done.

Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore - Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay

- Mandalorian proverb
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